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Because Colombia is the gateway of South America to the world. Its strategic location makes the country the ideal destination for international events and conventions. The variety in climates, landscapes and the friendliness of its people makes the country an ideal place for business meetings to become unforgettable experiences.

This is the door of South America. Colombia has extensive international connectivity, ports over the Atlantic and Pacific and more than 900 weekly air frequencies. With no stations, its natural settings are available to host the most unforgettable events any day of the year. And best of all: a land full of rhythms and joy that receives those who visit it with open arms.

Joy, charm and kindness. Colombians will always have a smile to offer. Their vocation of service, their spontaneity and their solidarity guarantee that the events held in the country not only develop with professionalism and high level, but also have that seal of joy that remains in the hearts of those who live it. Come and make your meetings in Colombia and feel the rhythm of its people!


The city where the past and present meet

Bogotá is the capital of and largest city in Colombia. It is a place of convergence for people from all around the country and is therefore diverse and multicultural. Within this city, the past and present come together.

The city is also very green thanks to its parks and the hills that extend along its eastern boundary, dwarfed by their two highest points, Monserrate and Guadalupe. The landscape that the people of Bogotá enjoy daily—the sea of green that makes up the Andes mountain range, rising up in the east—would be nearly impossible to find in any other large city.

But Bogotá also has the colors of modern buildings and authentic colonial roof tiles that are a true historical treasure from the colonial era.

Thanks to this fusion of the past and present, Bogotá is an ideal location with history, entertainment, delicious cuisine, culture, business, and much more.

Bogotá is the melting pot of Colombia. Here, all the cultures from different regions of the country have a place, from the cuisine of the Coffee Triangle to the exhilaration and joy of the Caribbean, or the artisanal heritage of Boyacá and the Valle de Cauca Festival. Bogotá brings together the best of Colombia, and for that reason, it should be at the top your list of places to visit.

The climate in Bogotá is cool and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 66°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 70°F.

Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit Bogotá for warm-weather activities are from late May to late September and from early December to late February.

ALTURA 2.616 metros
POBLACION 7.674.366
Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado (BOG)

Eje Cafetero

Discover the beauty, taste and aromas of the Coffee Region’s Cultural Landscape

Colombia is the land of the coffee bean, which means a visit to its magnificent Coffee Region’s Cultural Landscape, a proud UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must.

The region, which covers the districts of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and the north of the Cauca Valley, offers a unique experience with scenery worthy of exploration on land, since its mountains and coffee bean plantations present landscapes you’ll never tire of admiring and photographing.

And it’s no wonder, because these mountains produce the highest quality coffee renowned the world over and enjoyed in every corner of the planet. So, sign up for the coffee experience. Coffee is more than a product, it’s a symbol of the wealth and diversity of the Colombian culture.

The climate at Coffe Region is warm and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 64°F to 80°F and is rarely below 62°F or above 85°F.

Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit coffee region for warm-weather activities are from mid June to early September and from late December to late January.

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Aeropuerto Internacional Pereira – Matecaña (PEI)

Aeropuerto de La Nubia (MZL)


Discover Cartagena de Indias, a jewel of world heritage

The ‘Heroic City,’ as Cartagena de Indias is known, brings together the charm of colonial architecture, the excitement of a vivid night life, fascinating cultural festivals, and lush landscapes, to bring you the perfect vacation experience. The city’s beaches beckon, inviting you to unwind and enjoy yourself in the refreshing breeze and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

But that’s not all Cartagena has to offer— the city also has excellent cuisine and a thriving hotel and tourist infrastructure.

This fabulous destination holds the secrets of history within its walls, on its balconies, and in the narrow stone walkways that inspired author Gabriel García Márquez, who was received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

Framed by its stunning bay, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most beautiful, well-preserved cities in the Americas; a treasure that is currently one of the most heavily frequented tourist destinations in Colombia.

In Cartagena, the wet season is overcast, the dry season is windy and partly cloudy, and it is hot and oppressive year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 76°F to 88°F and is rarely below 73°F or above 91°F.

Based on the score, the best time of year to visit Cartagena for hot-weather activities is from late December to mid March.

POBLACION 1.003.685

Aeropuerto Internacional Rafael Nuñez (CTG)


The ‘City of Eternal Spring’

Medellín is a captivating city, not only for its pleasant climate (it is around 24 ° C throughout the year); also for the friendliness of its people, its delicious food and that paisa charm that makes visitors fall in love.

The peasant humor of the inhabitants of Medellín, which is reflected in the Antioquia trovas, the typical dances and in general in the paisa culture, is mixed with the hectic life of the metropolis. There are no mountains or rivers that can frighten these people, who have one of the most prolific territories in the country, with great companies and growth in all sectors.

In fact, ingenuity is a characteristic of Antioquia people, so it is not surprising that in 2013 Medellín was named the Most Innovative City in the World in the Wall Street Journal’s City of the Year contest.

The climate in Medellín is warm and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 62°F to 78°F and is rarely below 58°F or above 81°F.

Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Medellín for warm-weather activities is from mid December to early March.

ALTURA 1.568 metros

POBLACION 2.508.452

Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Maria Cordoba (MDE)


The magical lungs of the earth

A quick glance out of the window as the plane descends into Leticia reveals an endless stretch of towering green trees, interspersed with a powerful plunging river. Welcome to the Colombian Amazon. That river is the longest in the world, covering a whopping 6,800 kilometers and you’ve reached a part of the globe that’s home to 212 mammal species and 195 different kinds of reptile.

The Colombian Amazon represents the ultimate adventure for tourists who seek to connect with nature and discover some of Colombia’s most historic cultures.

Majestic rivers wind their way across this region like giant veins, facilitating commercial transactions and transportation to mystical places in the heart of the jungle. Whether you seek remote towns, natural reserves, wildlife parks or indigenous reservations, you’ll find everything and more in Amazonas, Colombia.

Indigenous groups bring an incomparable ethnic diversity to this world famous region. Discovering their rituals, culture and beliefs, interacting with community leaders and understanding tribes’ relationship with the natural world is a unique experience that allows visitors to evoke the authentic rhythms of the Amazon.

This incredible habitat is home to as many species of flora and fauna as any eco-system on earth. It’s a truly fascinating place, not just for the cultural diversity of the region’s indigenous peoples but for the wildlife that grows and survives on the many shores of the Amazon River, the largest, widest and deepest in the world

The climate in Colombian´s Amazonia is hot, oppressive, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 71°F to 88°F and is rarely below 67°F or above 93°F.

Based on the score, the best time of year to visit Leticia for hot-weather activities is from early June to late August.

Leticia POBLACION 960.239

Aeropuerto Internacional General Alfredo Vásquez Cobo (LET)


Come enjoy the flavors, joy, and nature of the Colombian Pacific

The soothing sounds of a marimba de chonta and extraordinary views of visiting humpback whales.

The unique contrast between the beaches’ dark sand and thick green foliage and the spirited rhythms of currulao music captivate this area’s many visitors.

This many-colored paradise is full of beautiful, exotic beaches where you can enjoy the calming sound of ocean waves rolling up the shore and admire the area’s breathtaking views.

Bahía Solano, one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Colombia, is one of them. Jungle, coral, mangroves, and diverse animal life come together in one place to offer you an unforgettable experience in nature. Depending on the time of year, tourists can find migratory bird species, turtles, and even majestic humpback whales.

In fact, viewing humpback whales is an experience you won’t want to miss out on. These stunning cetaceans travel over 5,280 miles from Antarctica to the warm waters of the Pacific to give birth to their calves between the months of July and October.

Nuquí, another noteworthy beach in the area, is both beautiful and perfect for water sports, snorkeling, and ecotourism.

The municipality of Tumaco, located in the department of Nariño, is another place you should visit. Known as the pearl of the Pacific, Tumaco is a diverse city influenced by African culture and the cultures of the indigenous communities located in the El Morro, El Bajito, and Bocagrande beaches.

In addition to the Pacific’s natural beauty, the region is characterized by its history and traditions. Marimba de chontas, cununos, and tamboras (two types of drums) fill the air with music that reflects the area’s African heritage. The Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, which is held each year in the city of Santiago de Cali, celebrates that heritage, bringing together people from all around the world.

Pacific cuisine blends ocean flavors with the region’s traditional cooking practices to create plates like aborrajado de pescado (battered fish), crab empanadas, quebrado, los huevos de piando (a dish made with eggs), and many other delicacies that will delight your taste buds. Come enjoy the beautiful nature and culture of the Pacific. We’ll see you there!

The climate in Colombian Pacific is hot, oppressive, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 75°F to 90°F and is rarely below 73°F or above 94°F.

Based on the score, the best times of year to visit Colombian Pacific for hot-weather activities are from early June to mid October and from early November to mid March.